Villa Sant'Agnese

Between the sacred and the profane.

A charming residence with views over Bergamo Alta.

Until 1969, this was the home of Cardinal Gustavo Testa, who lived here during breaks from his intense apostolic activity around the world. In 1972 it became the home and business hub for the passionate cultural activities of author-oenologist Luigi Veronelli. Thanks to its magnificent position overlooking a panorama of unequaled charm, Villa S. Agnese makes you reflect, it gives you a sense of great space and profound 

well-being. A feeling of peace reigns, one that has been exalted by a revolutionary reconstruction project executed with meticulous care and full respect for history, resulting in elegant, private and comfortable residences that also boast all of the latest in technology. It is the ideal setting for a unique living experience, one in which space and time seem suspended, almost ethereal.